Officers 2014-2015

President: Regina Ferrer Zimmerman

Vice President: Gene Apelado

Secretary: Antonette Bautista

Treasurer: Violeta Carter

Auditor: Don Purnhagen

Public Relations Officer: Bill Curtiss

Board of Directors:

Mely Angeles
Chuck Castro
Tina Cathy
Rose Curtiss
Althea Noblitt
Eugene Snook
Eva Vorce

Partial officers, 2014-2015.

Regina Zimmerman, President, 2012-2015.

2014-2015 Presidential Remark:


Please pray for GOD'S guidance as we prepare ourselves to lead our Filipino-American Association of Brevard County, (FAABCO, Inc) team. Share GOD's love so that we can help others be a blessings to themselves, families, friends and make a difference in our community. Thank you all for your loyalty and continued support of FAABCO, SFACEF, and other Filipino Organizations.

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